Absolutely essential books for any entrepreneur

This is my list of absolutely essential books for any entrepreneur:


These four books literally changed my life and I highly recommend them to you. It is fair to say that they should be read in this order:

01) Think and grow rich -- Napoleon Hill -- absolutely brilliant, all aspects of life
02) Eat that frog -- Brian Tracy -- time managment, priorities, efficiency
03) Millionaire next door -- actual life of Millionaries in America, what do they do, what cars they drive, what do they spend most on, 20 years old study
04) The Richest man in Babylon -- money managment/investment

We can discuss them later, when you have read them, and you will not want to stop discussing them…!


2 thoughts on “Absolutely essential books for any entrepreneur

  1. Taтјана

    А од каде може да се превземат овие книги? Вие ќе ги праќате по меил? Ден за ден?

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Овие книги може да се купат лесно во Македонија, нема да објавуваме пиратски содржини на нашиот сајт.
      Тие наслови се само препорака за вас, навистина фантастично четиво…

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